~"...my dreams like nets were thrown, to catch the love that I'd heard of, in books and films and songs, now there's a world of illusion and fantasy, in the place where the real world belongs, still I look for the beauty in songs..." ~Jackson Browne ("Farther On")

Most Favourite Artists
  The Eagles (Don Henley & Glenn Frey) and Jackson Browne

Some Other Favourite Artists

Billy Joel
Bruce Springsteen
 James Taylor  
Neil Young
Elvis Presley

Related Artists
Jackson Browne
 Eagles (Don Henley & Glenn Frey)
 Billy Joel 
Bruce Springsteen
Van Morrison

 Inspirational and Influential Artists
Jackson Browne
 Billy Joel
Bruce Springsteen
Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley

 Some Favourite Albums
Hotel California~Eagles
For Everyman~Jackson Browne
Turnstiles~Billy Joel
Abbey Road~Beatles
The Dark Side of the Moon~Pink Floyd
Ol' Blue Eyes is Back~Frank Sinatra
Some Favourite Albums (Live)
Running on Empty (Compilation)~Jackson Browne 
Hell Freezes Over~Eagles
Songs in the Attic (Compilation)~Billy Joel
Spyboy~Emmylou Harris
Here & Now (Disc II)~America
Jackson Browne/Solo Acoustic (Volumes I & II)~Jackson Browne

Some Favourite Concept Albums
Running On Empty (Live/Compilation)~Jackson Browne (could be considered)
Hotel California~Eagles (could be considered)
Turnstiles~Billy Joel
The Dark Side of the Moon~Pink Floyd
Abbey Road~Beatles
   In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning~Frank Sinatra

Some Favourite Debut Albums
Jackson Browne~Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using)
Billy Joel~Cold Spring Harbor
Stevie Nicks~Belladonna
James Ingram~It's Your Night
Tracy Chapman~Tracy Chapman

Some Favourite Album Covers

Hotel California~Eagles

Late for the Sky~Jackson Browne

The Stranger~Billy Joel

The End of the Innocence~Don Henley

Rapture~Anita Baker

Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town~Emmylou Harris

 Some Favourite Songs

 New Kid in Town~Eagles (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/John David Souther)

Sky Blue and Black~Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)

Summer, Highland Falls~Billy Joel (Billy Joel)

The River~Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen)

Against the Wind~Bob Seger (Bob Seger)

Hymns to the Silence~Van Morrison (Van Morrison)

Some Favourite Romantic Songs
I'll Do Anything~Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)
Ol' '55~Eagles (Tom Waits)
You're My Home~Billy Joel (Billy Joel)
The One~Elton John (Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
Lady, Lady, Lady~Joe Esposito (Giorgio Moroder/Keith Forsey)
Looking For Love~Johnny Lee (Bob Morrison/Patti Ryan/Wanda Mallette)

Some Favourite Songs (Torch/Mood/Brood/Emotional)
Waiting For You~Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)
Pretty Maids All In A Row~Eagles (Joe Walsh/Joe Vitale)
You're So Right~Frank Sinatra (Joe Raposo)
Yesterday~The Beatles (Paul McCartney/John Lennon)
A Man Needs A Maid~Neil Young (Neil Young)
Someone To Lay Down Beside Me~Linda Ronstadt (Karla Bonoff)

Some Favourite Songs (Haunting/Evocative)
Outlaw Man~Eagles (David Blue)
Sandman~America (Dewey Bunnell)
Silent Running~Mike and the Mechanics (Mike Rutherford/B. A. Robertson)
Don't Fear the Reaper~Blue Oyster Cult (Buck Dharma)
Run Through the Jungle~Creedence Clearwater Revival (John Fogerty)
Eleanor Rigby~The Beatles (Paul McCartney/John Lennon)

Some Favourite Songs (Haunting/Sex Appealing)
One Of These Nights~Eagles (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Gimme Shelter~The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
I Want You~The Beatles (Paul McCartney/John Lennon)
Kashmir~Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant/Jimmy Page/Jon Bonham)
Midnight Rider~The Allman Brothers (Gregg Allman/Robert Kim Payne)
Can't You See~Marshall Tucker Band (Toy Caldwell)

 Some Favourite Duets
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough~Don Henley & Patty Smyth
(Patty Smyth/Glen Burtnik)
You're a Friend of Mine~Jackson Browne & Clarence Clemons
(Michael Narada Walden/Jeffrey Cohen)
Baby Grand~Billy Joel & Ray Charles
(Billy Joel)
How Do You Keep the Music Playing~James Ingram & Patti Austin
(Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Michel LeGrand)
You Are~Glen Campbell & Emmylou Harris
(Becky Hobbs/Don london)
Up Where We Belong~Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
(Will Jennings/Jack Nitzsche/Buffy Sainte-Marie)

Some Favourite Instrumentals

Wasted Time (reprise)~Eagles

(Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Jim Ed Norman)

Let it Flow (for "Dr. J")~Grover Washington,  Jr.

(Grover Washington,  Jr.)

Nocturne ("The Cold Spring Harbour" Album)~Billy Joel

(Billy Joel)

Affirmation~George Benson

(Jose feliciano) 

Taxi Driver (theme)~Bernard Herrmann

(Bernard Herrmann)

The Final Bell (Rocky)~Bill Conti

(Bill Conti)

Some Favourite Epic Songs

 Hotel California~Eagles (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant~Billy Joel (Billy Joel)

American Pie~Don McClean (Don McClean)

Stairway To Heaven~Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)

Bohemian Rhaspody~Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Down By The River ~Neil Young

 (Neil Young)

Some Favourite Instrumental Pieces In Songs


Hotel California~Eagles (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)

Running On Empty~Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)

Layla~Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton/Jim Gordon)

Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding~Elton John (Elton John/Bernie Taupin)

Free Bird~Lynard Skynard (Allen Collins/Ronnie Van Zant)

Us And Them~Pink Floyd (Roger Waters/Richard Wright)

 Some Favourite Classical/Contemporary Compositions


The Godfather (love theme)~Nino Rota (contemporary classical)

(Nino Rota)

The Immigrant (main title theme/The Godfather II)~Nino Rota (contemporary classical)

(Nino Rota)

Intermezzo (theme/Raging Bull)~Pietro Mascagni (operatic)

(Pietro Mascagni)

Cavatina (theme/ The Deer Hunter)~Stanley Myres (classical guitar)

(Stanley Myres)

Adagio in G Minor~Remo Giazotto

(Tomaso Albinoni)

Life is Beautiful ("La Vita e Bella")/(love theme)~Nicola Pavani (contemporary classical)

(Nicola Pavani)

Some Favourite Excerpts from Lines of Songs

   "...I've been searching for the daughter of the devil in town, I've been searching for an angel in white..." Eagles (One of These Nights)/(Don Henley & Glenn Frey)

"...I don't know what happens when people die,  can't seem to grasp it as hard as I try, it's like a song I can hear playing right in my ear,

that I can't sing, I can't help listening..." Jackson Browne (For a Dancer)/(Jackson Browne)

"...Sweet Virginian cigarette burning in my hand, well you use to be a friend of mine, but now I understand..." Billy Joel (Somewhere Along the Line)/(Billy Joel)

"...Now those memories come back to haunt me, they haunt me like a curse..." Bruce Springsteen (The River)/(Bruce Springsteen)

"...Don't give up, until you drink from the silver cup, and ride that highway in the sky..." America (Lonely People)/(Dan Peek & Catherine Peek)

"...You're as right as rain, how can I explain..." Frank Sinatra (You're So Right) (For What's Wrong in My Life)/(Terry Randazzo)

Some Favourite Songwriters
Jackson Browne

Don Henley & Glenn Frey

Billy Joel

Bruce Springsteen

David Gates ("Bread")

Bob Dylan

Some Favourite Songwriting Partners

Don Henley & Glenn Frey

John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Burt Bacharach & Hal David

Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller

Gerry Coffin & Carole King

Some Favourite Vocalists

Don Henley & Glenn Frey

Jackson Browne 

Frank Sinatra

Barbra Streisand

Anne Murray

Sam Cooke

Some Favourite Back-up/Harmony Vocalists
The Beach Boys
Emmylou Harris
Nicolette Larson
Rosemary Butler
Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Some Favourite Guitarists
Don Felder/Joe Walsh/Bernie Leadon ("Eagles")
Jackson Browne
Mark Knopfler
David Gilmour
George Benson
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Some Favourite Pianists
Jackson Browne
Billy Joel
Elton John
Leon Russell
Randy Newman
Bruce Hornsby

Some Favourite Musical Producers

(Engineers & Pioneers/Arrangers)

Russ Titelman

Quincy Jones

Alan Parsons

Tommy Vicari & Al Schmitt

Glyn Johns & Bill Szymczyk

Val Garay

*Ed Cherney/*Phil Ramone/*Tommy LiPuma

Some Favourite Musical Conductors

(Orchestral Arrangements)

Henry Mancini

Herb Alpert

John Barry

Gordon Jenkins

Nelson Riddle

Tommy Dorsey

Some Favourite Multi-Talented Artists

Jackson Browne

  Eagles (Don Henley & Glenn Frey)

Billy Joel

Robbie Robertson

Bobby Darin

Charlie Chaplin



 Some Favourite Films

Midnight Express

Rocky I & II

An Officer and a Gentleman

 The Deer Hunter

The Godfather & The Godfather II

 Taxi Driver

Some Favourite Inspirational and Influential Films

Rocky I & II (in an artistic/passionate sense)

The Greatest ("Cassius Clay"/"Muhammad Ali") (in an artistic/passionate sense)

The Last Waltz ("The Band"/"Martin Scorcese") (in an artistic/passionate sense)

 The Godfather & The Godfather II (in a philosophical sense/"Machiavelli"..."The Prince")

  The Deer Hunter (in a strength of character/ loyalty sense)

Midnight Cowboy (in a "street wise"/survival sense)

Some Favourite Soundtracks (Musical Film Scores)

Rocky I & IV

An Officer and a Gentleman

Midnight Express 


The Godfather & The Godfather II

About Last Night 

 Favourite Training (Dancing) Albums

Hotter than July~Stevie Wonder

Quincy Jones/The Best (Compilation) Album~Quincy Jones

Rocky I & IV (Soundtracks)

Flashdance (Soundtrack)

Fame (Soundtrack)

Irene Cara~What a Feelin' (Album)

  Some Favourite Film Actors

James Dean

Montgomery Clift

Michael Caine

Gregory Peck

Clint Eastwood

Marlon Brando

Some Favourite Film Directors


Martin Scorcese

Elia Kazan

Taylor Hackford

Federico Fellini

Alan Parker

Francis Ford Coppola

Some Favourite Directors (Thriller)

Alfred Hitchcock

Stephen King

David Lynch

William Friedkin

Richard Donner

Stanley Kubrick

Favourite Broadway Musical

West Side Story

Favourite Television Series Theme

Happy Days~Jimmy Haas

(Norman Gimbel/Charles Fox)

Favourite Television Series Instrumental Theme

Hill Street Blues~Mike Post

(Mike Post)

Favourite Television Drama Series

Hill Street Blues

Favourite Sitcom Series

Happy Days

Favourite Cartoon Series

Looney Tunes ("Sylvester")

Some Favourite Musical Variety Shows (Concerts)

The Midnight Special & Austin City Limits


The Ed Sullivan Show & The Dick Clark Show

The Old Grey Whistle Test & Rockpalast

American Bandstand


*Soul Train

Some Favourite Musical Film/Movie Documentaries


History Of The Eagles & Hell Freezes Over (Eagles)

Going Home (Jackson Browne)

 Troubadour~The Rise Of The Singer-Songwriter (PBS)

The Wrecking Crew & Session Men (Gil Baker/Director of “Session Men”) 

Muscle Shoals

From The Byrds To The Eagles

Some Favourite Musical Television/Documentaries 



Legends (VH1)

Behind The Music & Storytellers (VH1)

VH1's 100 Greatest Women Of Rock & Roll 

Classic Albums

BBC (1 & 4) 


Some Favourite Musical News & Current Affairs Series


VH1 (Miscellaneous)

Jools (BBC)

*The Late Show with David Letterman

Favourite Late Show Television Presenter

Johnny Carson

Some Favourite Stand up/Comedians

Eddie Murphy

Don Rickles

Mel Brooks

*Monty Python

Some Favourite Concert Venues

Carnegie Hall

Hollywood Bowl

Greek Theatre

Royal Albert Hall

Madison Square Garden

Sydney Opera House

(Central Park)

Some Favourite Live Music Venues


Whisky a Go Go

The Roxy Theatre

Blue Note

Village Vanguard

House Of Blues

(Copacabana, Cocoanut Grove & The Sands Hotel and Casino)

Some Favourite Live (Benefit)



Live Aid

Farm Aid

Monterey Jazz Festival

Newport Folk Festival

Desert Trip Indio

Some Favourite Visual Artists

Vincent Van Gogh

Georgia O' Keeffe


Leonardo Da Vinci

Pablo Picasso

Andy Warhol

 Some Favourite Photographers/Artists

Henry Diltz & Gary Burden

Jimmy Wachtel

John Kosh

Jim Houghton

Norman Seeff

*Julius Shulman

Some Favourite Poetry (Literature)

Desiderata~Max Ehrmann

If~Rudyard Kipling

Brown and Agile Child~Pablo Neruda

Some Favourite Writers (Literature)

John Steinbeck

Edna Ferber

Tennessee Williams

William Shakespeare

Ernst Hemingway

Irving Stone

Some Favourite Magazines
Rolling Stone
The New Yorker
Vanity Fair
National Geographic

  Some Favourite Books
Hotel California~Barney Hoskyns
Chronology of the World~Isaac Asimov
Future Shock~Alvin Toffler
Midnight Express~Billy Hayes with William Hoffer
The Oxford and Webster's Dictionaries
The Holy Bible (in a historical/moralistic sense)

Some Favourite Political Philosophers
Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther King
Winston Churchill
Cassius Clay ("Muhammad Ali")
John F. Kennedy
Crazy Horse ("Native American Chief/Warrior")
*"...One day you'll touch the thorn which will make you sore, but don't worry, you'll learn. The next day you'll smell the rose then you'll want more, therefore, make you want to yearn..." (Roses and Thorns)*

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