~"Give thanks to unknown blessings already on their way..." ~The Native Americans" m+

Claudine Oborn and her "Music", encouraged, influenced and inspired her to pursue her "Musical Career", and to reside in "Los Angeles, California" ("East L.A", "South Pasadena"/"Old Town Pasadena"  and "Glendale", in the "San Fernando Valley"), ("Southern California") for several years (1998-2004). There, she manifested and established her artistry, and felt so inspired to write, perform, record/co-produce/co-arrange her own songs. During that time as well, she adventured and explored "America", and especially, she took a long journey road trip from "L.A", passing through the "Mojave Desert", and then, all extensively throughout the "Southwest" ("Native American History Culture"/"History of the Old Wild West", e.g, "The Outlaws"/"Americana Roots".), stopping in "Nevada" along the way, travelling through "Utah" ("Lake Powell", "Zion National Park" and the "Bryce Canyon"), "Arizona" ("Phoenix", "Monument Valley"/"Najavo Indian Reservation"), "New Mexico" ("Santa Fe"), and then on to "Texas" ("Fort Worth" and "Dallas"). And at another stage, she drove from "Texas" to "Oklahoma" ("Native American Tribal Culture", i.e, "Navajo and Cherokee"/"American Spirit".) and "Arkansas" ("Ozark Mountains"), "Route 66".
All of these endeavours and experiences, made her have such an immense inspiration to consistently write songs, which were recorded (collaborated) by her back in "L.A", and consequently, from being a fortunate "Child of Rock 'n' Roll", she was influenced by some of her favourite artists, such as, her two most,
the "Eagles" and "Jackson Browne", i.e, the "laid-back" (Folk Rock/Soft 
Rock/Country) "West Coast (Southern Californian)/"Americana" Sound(s) ..., ("California Rock"), (The old days/"open mic nights" scene of the other Artists that congregated at "Doug Weston's" "Troubadour", "Santa Monica Boulevard", "West Hollywood", were in addition influential). "The L.A Singer-Songwriter/Hippie movement (Counter-Culture)" (the music of "Laurel Canyon"/complementary to the"peaceful" mood of "San Francisco").
Then, there was the London, England of origin, American band, "America", formed by "Dan Peek", "Gerry Beckley" and  "Dewey Bunnell".
And as well, the "East Coast Sound", where "Rock 'n' Roll met Jazz", for example, early days "Chicago" ("Chicago Transit Authority")/("Peter Cetera", "Terry Kath" & "James Pankow"), and "Blood, Sweat & Tears", e.g, the brass/horns big band (Soul/Gospel and introductories/abstractions of Psychedelic Rock/Funk) style. And not to mention, "Earth, Wind and Fire".
The "Doobie Brothers", i.e, "Michael McDonald's craftsmanship, which
would eventually lead to his "solo career".
"Steely Dan", for example, "Donald Fagen's" and "Walter Becker's" intricate works of their combined elements of the genre(s) of Jazz/Rock/Funk/Rhythm & Blues.
There also happened to be a "singer/songwriter/guitarist" from "Malibu, California", named "Ned Doheny", who released an album in "1976", titled,  "Hard Candy", following on from his "1973" debut self-titled album, "Ned Doheny", which involved those similar genre(s) of "electronic, funk/soul, with jazz undertones, and sometimes disco-flavoured. "His music really defies categorisation, West Coast, yet funk oriented, and his voice is superb. This album exudes sheer class" ...("Evermore Blues" journal/blog).
And early years "Billy Joel", (but whom in fact expressed also the "Americana Roots"/"West Coast" spirit(s) in his early works, for example, the classic album, "Piano Man") e.g, the "New York" saxophone and acapella/street (Blues) style...
And of course, there was the "Rugged Individualism" of "Bruce Springsteen", the sound of purely "working class" ("The Woody Guthrie Tradition") /(i.e, "Racing in the Street", from the album, "Darkness on the Edge of Town", which explained it all)...
(Also there were some ("Southern Rock") influences (soulful country rock), e.g, "The Allman Brothers", "Lynard Skynard" and "38 Special").
(There were also a blend of various "Classic Rock" artists that had been introduced with their new blend(s) of "Rock", of the likes of the bands/artists of, "Boston", "Kansas" and "Van Halen", "Todd Rundgren", ("Utopia"), 
"Hall & Oates", "Aerosmith","Peter Frampton", "Journey", "Foreigner", "REO Speedwagon", "Styx", "Steve Miller Band", "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" and "Toto", that she had an appreciation for, and just to mention, more than a few, had a certain level of influence upon her.).
And then, there was the "Easy 70's" music of "David Gates and Bread", "Seals and Crofts", and "England Dan and John Ford Coley", only to mention just a few, she had appreciated, and had been also influenced upon her, especially in reference to the songwriting of "David Gates" (the epitome of a poet, who created his poetry into a song).
(Additionally, in particular, there were also some other influences from the second stage of the "British Invasion" to conquer "America",  for example, "Van Morrison", "Elton John", "Rod Stewart", "Chris Rea", "The Electric Light Orchestra, "Supertramp", "Genesis" (solo works of "Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel", and "Michael Rutherford"/"Mike and the Mechanics"), "Pink Floyd", "The Moody Blues", "David Bowie", "(The) Led Zeppelin", "Free","Yes", "Al Stewart", "Dire Straits" and "The Alan Parsons Project".
But there were some exceptional artists from the first stage, for example, "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones", "Status Quo" ("Swamp Rock"),
"Deep Purple", "The Who", "Cream and Eric Clapton", and the ethereal "sound of the sixties", of "The Hollies" and "Gerry and the Pacemakers"). 
Both Sounds from Coast to Coast, were diverse, yet both expressed a perfect blend of sophisticated, stylistic (meticulous, well crafted, accompanied material) musical/vocal arrangements and production, and intellectual, subtle and/or direct poetic meaningful lyrics with depth, as Claudine Oborn's musical/vocal arrangements and production, and lyrical contents represent, but still, she retains her individual, original, distinctive, authentic (sincerity) and unique characteristics of the significance of the beauty of a genuine "Artist" with integrity, who really does "love what she does". And if there had to be any comparison drawn with a few other female artists to "Claudine Oborn", in relation to similarities with a sense of (classic) style and sound, i.e, versatility in certain ways, they would be, "Emmylou Harris", including, (the songwriting of "Rodney Crowell"), "Linda Ronstadt", including, (the songwriting of  "J. D. Souther" and "Warren Zevon"), "Rita Coolidge", including, (the songwriting of "Kris Kristofferson")"Joni Mitchell", "Carole King", "Carly Simon", "Karla Bonoff", "Jennifer Warnes", "Bonnie Raitt", "Laura Nyro" and the ("Fleetwood Mac" &  early "Solo" years) "Stevie Nicks". She is also considered occasionally an "Interpretuer" of "Timeless", "Evergreen" and "Classic" songs, as she says, "that is the art of a song, it can be perceived in general, and by an Artist in a variety of different ways".
Claudine Oborn also tends to have a diverse taste of range in music, she can appreciate "Country to Jazz", as she has quoted, "it's a good thing to be diverse as long as it's in good taste", just like a true "Musician" would understand and appreciate, as she defines. 

She performed primarily within the "Southern Californian" region club circuit, i.e, "West Hollywood" and "Hollywood" ("proper L.A"/
"Los Angeles" district(s)), and "Burbank" ("L.A County").
Her renditions were held either with accompanying bands, or in a "solo/acoustic" manner.
Evidently her "Art" is found fundamentally within the "1970's period", when music was "what you would call music"..."the Classics".
(Prior to the 70's, there were obviously an infinite amount of artists that "Claudine Oborn" had an appreciation for, which in some cases had an influential impact on the artists of the 70's, for example, from the 60's (or were technically pre-70's), "The Byrds", "Buffalo Springfield" (the music from the "Vietnam" period), "Gram Parsons", "Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel", "Ricky Nelson", "The Cascades", "Dion", "Del Shannon'', "Bobby Darin" Gene McDaniels, "The Carpenters", "Neil Diamond" ("The Jazz Singer"/1980),"The Walker Brothers", "Lou Reed", "The Doors", "J.J. Cale", "Sixto Rodriguez", "Johnny Rivers", "Jim Croce", "Stephen Bishop", "Jose Felicano", "Don McLean", "The Beach Boys" and "Bob Dylan". 
Then there were the artists involved in the "Woodstock era"/"adolescent years of rock", i.e, "The Band", "Creedence Clearwater Revival", "Jim Hendrix", 
"Joe Cocker", "Santana" and "Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young)". 
Then, there was the soul/sound of "Motown", e.g, "Sam Cooke" (the romantic /ethereal mood and sound), "Marvin Gaye", "Stevie Wonder", "Dionne Warwick", "Aretha Franklin", "Gladys Knight and the Pips", "Martha and the Vandellas" and "The Four Tops".
 And then, there was the authentic "Classic Country" music, consisting in different "blends of styles", for example, "Waylon Jennings", 
"Don Williams", "Michael Martin Murphy", "Jimmy Buffett", "Willie Nelson", "Johnny Cash", "Merle Haggard", "George Jones", "Glen Campbell", including, 
(the songwriting of "Jimmy Webb"), "Eddie Rabbitt", "Ronnie Milsap", "Kenny Rogers", "Alabama", "Charlie Rich" , "B. J. Thomas" and "Paul Davis". And just to mention some of the women, "Emmylou Harris", "Patsy Cline", "Anne Murray" and "Trisha Yearwood" (of contemporary times speaking).
And of course, the unique "Blues"/"Blues Rock"/"Texas Blues" sounds of
"Stevie Ray Vaughan" ("Double Trouble"). 
And finally, the various styles and blends of the "Music of New Orleans", including the genres of "Jazz" (of it's origin, of course), "Dixieland Jazz", "Southern Soul", "R & B", "Funk", "Soul", "Blues", "Zydeco", "Creole", "Cajun", "Gospel" and "Rock 'n' Roll". In reference to artists, such as, "Mahalia Jackson", "Allen Toussaint", "Dr. John" and "Little Feat" (even though, non-bred musicians of "New Orleans", with the exception of two band members, but had an incorporation of the "New Orleans" musical blends and styles, as presented in their album, "Dixie Chicken", that in fact, paid particular tribute to the rich musical heritage of "New Orleans".). 
Post-1970's, exceptionally speaking, there were an introduction of some new artists which had an appeal to "Claudine Oborn", e.g, "Bruce Hornsby" and "Mike and the Mechanics" (which both had an interrelationship with the decade of the "seventies" in certain respects), "Mr. Mister", and "Britain's" "Sting", "Robert Palmer", "Steve Winwood ("Traffic")".

And of course there was the beautiful romantic (ethereal) Rock 'n' Roll" sound of "Doo-Wop', and accompanied by all that "Classic Rock 'n' Roll Jukebox" sound.

Her songs are a combination of genres existing in versatile blends (melting pot) of "Rock", "Folk", "Country", "Blues", "Jazz", "Rhythm & Blues", "Funk", "Soul" and "Gospel", but all share the common thread of "Rock 'n' Roll", which was all originated in the "Mississippi Delta" ("Birth of Rock and Roll"), and it was thanks to "Chuck Berry", "Elvis Presley", "Buddy Holly", "Bo Diddley", "Muddy Waters", and the list goes on, gave our "Classic Rock Musicians"...that "Classic Rock 'n' Roll Sound". 

Claudine Tina Galea Oborn was born on the 29th December 1971, "Sydney, N.S.W. Australia". 
In addition to her performing arts (which in actual fact, is derivative of each of her parent's "performing arts"/"musical" backgrounds), she applied to the "University Southern California", "School of Music", her application was accepted, but she rejected to actually enrol. Subsequently, she maintained to cultivate her vocals, by attending private lessons in "West Covina, California".
She is also an accomplished "Dancer", in "Classical Ballet", "Jazz Ballet" and "Tap". 
As well, she has an understanding and appreciation for the "Behavioural and Social Sciences", which in retrospect, studied "Psychology" and "Sociology" at the "University of Sydney". She applied these subjects/topics to (her first love, "Music") her poetry. Inadvertently her lyrics (lyricism) prevail in"philosophical" (introspective) respects, as well as "spiritual", "humanitarian", "political" and "historical" matters, and naturally "romantic" ("romance never dies")/"personal issues" (predominantly from a feminine perspective), dealt with the various aspects of the subject matters of the heart.
All of the above conceptual themes of her ability as a "Lyricist" (a poet), as well as being a "Composer" and "Vocalist", (her vocal techniques of a "Stylist"/"Interpreter"), based on for example, her phrasing, 
range of "mezzo-soprano" (both, high and low/falsetto), expression, improvisation, natural tones (deep, low (contralto vocals), soft, husky/haunting voice),"vibrato" styles, syncopation and harmonies/back ups, and her musical arrangements (e.g, chord progressions/melodies, improvising and key techniques) and production, for example, (ethereal, haunting, raw/earthy/earthly/organic), are apparent with a foundation that depicts (or at times can), being deeply emotional (mood/brood, "Torch Songs" music, with the influential origin of "The Great American Songbook"/the great composers of "Jazz", "Cole Porter", Hoagy Carmichael" and "Sammy Cahn", in conjunction with the great works of the music of "Count Basie and his Orchestra"), sensitivity (tender), and passion (such poignancy), and how they intertwine on the basis of the art of a "Songwriter" who sings and performs her own songs (songstress/compositions) as a form of her expression.
Therefore, Claudine Oborn's music exudes a soulful essence, and she has always believed that, "you really do find yourself with music (depending on whatever mood and context). It's a complete soulmate (i.e, listening to "Jackson Browne" and the "Eagles". I found myself with these two artists, especially
"Jackson Browne" (mainly because the songs were/are portrayed and determined by a "solo artist", like myself), at a subconcious/poignant/profound level, and to me, that was so important, it meant everything. I consider myself to have such an intense correlation with the both of these artists, (I feel they are both a reflection of my own personality) so it is only logical and natural why they are both my favourite artists, they both have had such an emotional (sentimental) impact on me all throughout my years, from childhood and adolescent, to adulthood, and will and can only endure...) for me, it's so good for the soul (exhilarating/euphoria), you can always depend on it, when I'm feeling low, it will put me on a natural high. It is the best thing in the world, I don't know where I would be without it, it's what I live for, I become so emotionally involved with music at an extremely deep level, it fulfils my needs, I am so profoundly passionate about it. And if I'm not playing music in some way (and singing and/or backing-up/harmonising along with), I'll be singing anywhere. It will take you far away out of the ordinary, but at the same time, it's so real. And there is nothing more satisfying than the completion of writing a song and recording it in the studio, it's such a sensation of a challenge, self-gratification, contentment and pleasure, it's so much an accomplishment of a creation. I am married to my music, and music is what I am." 
She is also known to be a great curator of Music/Songs, and therefore, to have an extraordinary/extreme/extensive knowledge upon music (Historian) in various respects, in actual fact, it is quiet "spellbounding" (most comprehensive range)

It is evident that Claudine Oborn is the quintessential artist, that personifies possessing the ultimate "musical character in nature".
Claudine Oborn resides now in Sydney, N.S.W. Australia.
And she has an only child, her daughter, "Ongeline Oborn", born on the 29th September 2006.

                 *"...Now let the music keep our spirits high..."
                             Jackson Browne (Before the Deluge)/(Jackson Browne)*
            *"...You will be my music, you will be my song..." 
                            Frank Sinatra (You Will be my Music)/(Joseph Raposo)*
           *"...Lost dreams and found dreams in America...
           ...I'm gonna walk down that street, until I see my  
           shining light..."
                       Van Morrison (Take it Where you Find it)/(Van Morrison)* 


*"...Across the Southwest, was my stairway to heaven, along with my Californian,
I'd won my lucky seven, from L.A to Texas, we got on no highway to hell..."
(The Desert Rain)*

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