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~"Just let me hear some of that Rock and Roll music, any old way you choose it, it's got a backbeat, you can't lose it, any old time you use it..." ~Chuck Berry ("Rock and Roll Music")

*(Performing & Recording Artist)
*(Guitarist & Pianist/Keyboards, Percussions & Harmonica),
 Songwriter (Composer/lyricist & Arranger/Co-Arranger/Co-Producer) 
Singer (Main vocals, Back-ups & Harmonies).*
    *"The Rock 'n' Rollmance Road Music of 
   Claudine Oborn!"..."The West Coast Sound...The Southern Californian Sound!".*
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  *Rock and Roll Artist*
  {Classic Rock}
  {*West Coast Sound}
     (*Current Release) 
 ****~ON THE HORIZON~****
  "The Forseen"

    Debut Concept Album,
    Based on the
    Debut Single,
 "As The Sun Rises".
                      A sixteen track Record/Album,
        including the "Bonus Track", "Everything Happens For A Reason".
 A creative "Rock 'n' Roll" arrangement,
expressing "despondence and despair", "romance and resurrection", inspired by "Jackson Browne", and his song, the "philosophical", "Black and White",
taken from off the eighth studio/album (part political), released, February 18th, 1986, "Lives in the Balance". 
"...it's in my blood and in my bones..."
                                                   (*For America/Jackson Browne*)
                            *       ~    ~ 
                                      |   +|  <    \+   
                                                                             ~Claudine Oborn*
      (...''And inspired by the beautiful works of Jimmy Wachtel*"...)
   "...And the high ideals and the promise, you once dressed the future in, are dancing in the embers with the wind..." (*Black and White/Jackson Browne*)
    *All songs off the Record/Album, 
"On The Horizon", are written, performed, co-produced and co-arranged by Claudine Oborn.
*To listen , see and read more from "On The Horizon" , 
 please refer to Profile I (Audio Clips) Horizontal Navigator/sidebar.

  *Turn on/Get turned on, and listen to "The Rock 'n' Rollmance Road Music of Claudine Oborn!"..."The West Coast Sound"&
"The Wild West In The West Coast Woman!", 
''West Coast Golden Radio (WCGR)" /www.westcoastgoldenradio.com/
"California H.D Sound", 
& "The Colorful Radio"/www.thecolorfulradio.com/
"A Musical Trip from the 60's til today, and before, and much more/California Music/
(West Coast)".
Also stay in informed and in tuned with
"Sunset Dreams Records" (Record Label)/
AOR (Adult Oriented Rock)/info@sunsetdreamsrecords/
"You will not turn back!".


"*...Everything happens for a reason, just like a season, you know the seven stages of grief, but you become the brand new leaf...*" ~Everything Happens For a Reason ‎‎‎(bonus track)‎‎‎

Rhythm & Blues/Funk/Soul/Gospel/Reggae*~



*"...As free as an eagle glides over the sea, the only thing missing, is we accompany. And how those mountains stand so still, that will be us, and that we won't kill..." (As Free as an Eagle)*

*Promotional photos for the "As The Sun Rises" (Single)/(*Courtesy of "Wine Haven"), "Sepia"and"Profile", "Hometown"/"Everything Happens For a Reason" (bonus track)/"On The Horizon" (Debut Concept Album) "GoogleVideo Clip/Slidehow Photo Album IV"), "As The Sun Rises" (Debut Single) "Google+ Photo Album I",
"Moon Over Mojave" "Google+ slideshow/Photo Album  II", "Portraits"/"Photo Gallery Google+
Video clip/Slideshow/Photo Album III"/"Everything Happens For A Reason" ~"Instrumental"/"The Rock 'n' Rollmance Road
Music Of Claudine Oborn", and additional "Google Plus+" &  "Picasa Web"/"Album Archive" photos of Claudine Oborn, by Jason Oborn.
All Artwork (Graphic Art & Design) by Claudine Oborn.
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All Rights Reserved.

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